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3D longer dusky hand
3D half Circle with full circle

2D Animator

Fresher - Remote

A 2D animator designs graphic images to create the illusion of movement. They draw images, both on paper and using computer software, and animate scenes to tell a story.

3D Spiral Ring

AR/VR/MR Engineer

3 Yrs Exp. - Remote

AR/VR Engineers' duties may include developing, troubleshooting, and analyzing AR/VR archetypes and building these products using various programming languages and software design suites. 

3D Bolt

Full Stack Developer

10 Yrs Exp. - Remote Job

A full-stack developer is a web developer or engineer who works with both the front and back ends of a website or application. In this sense, they provide end-to-end service and can be involved in projects that involve databases and building user-facing websites.

3D Spring like Clipart

3D Artist

Fresher - Remote

3D artists create three-dimensional creations, including models, animation, and visual effects, which are used in creative projects, including films, video games, and advertising campaigns. They create special effects to match specific briefs utilizing a combination of hand drawing techniques and computer software.

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